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Martin Angell plays his cello

Martin Angell - Cellist

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Martin Angell - Cellist

"Martin Angell...impressed with a masterly performance on the cello, especially in his own compositions" (Badische Zeitung July 2007)

Much wonderful solo cello music was written in the Baroque period, most of it by the virtuoso cello players of the time. The great suites by J. S. Bach are exceptional in not being written by a cellist.

The cello player Martin Angell has revived this tradition, writing cello music to showcase the capabilities of this most versatile instrument. His music is fresh, in the classical tradition with modern popular influences and original techniques.

"Martin Angell is virtually unique - a fine classical cellist...and a rare composer of modern cello music which is truly enjoyable but also has real depth to it. His music is fresh and new, but it has all the structure and complexity of classical compositions." (Sussex Express January 2009)

Solo Recitals

Currently living in the Black Forest in Germany, Martin Angell performs frequently there, in Switzerland and in England. His solo recitals focus on the repertoire created by the performing composer-cellists of 300 years ago, the solo suites of J. S. Bach, and the modern cello music that he has written himself. This creates delightfully varied programmes with a wide range of musical moods and styles, and exciting new playing techniques.

"Martin Angell presented...the widest range of pieces and composers and managed to fire the audience's enthusiasm right from the start" (Badische Zeitung 14/12/2006)

Martin Angell's manner with his audience is relaxed, informal, friendly and inclusive, giving insights into the player-composers and their compositions. He loves to show what the cello can do, and takes special pleasure in captivating people's interest with the unexpected variety of the sound-worlds he creates.

Hear examples of his pieces in the Playlist

"The Englishman... managed to present his repertoire most freshly and informally and hence captivate his audience with utter pleasure. The actual discovery of the concert was clearly Martin Angell the composer." (Südkurier 30/12/2008)


The sound of the solo cello is wonderfully effective for the reflective atmosphere of a funeral. Martin Angell has made a special selection of suitable funeral music, and is available at short notice in the Black Forest region to provide musical accompaniment for such memorial services.

For examples of this music, please listen to Playlist Tracks 2,6,8,10,11,12.

Orchestral work

Martin Angell is also available for orchestral engagements, on Cello, or on Double Bass.

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