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Martin Angell & his cello

Martin Angell - Cellist and Composer

For more information about Martin Angell you can download a pdf biography here.

What the press says about Martin Angell - Cellist and Composer

"At the opening... the cellist and composer Martin Angell played...expressive music, full of feeling..."

(Badische Zeitung, July 2014)

...a boisterous joy of playing...the thrilled audience... With virtuosity - first tensely lurking, then fully displayed - Angell presented a highly dramatic (Bach) Gigue. ...he shaped the (Ricercata by Antonii) in an extremely lively manner ... making the musical logic audible in a fascinating way. In Martin Angell's own compositions humour twinkles from each and every note... in his 4-movement Suite he impressively demonstrated the richness of his melodic ideas.

(Badische Zeitung 5 Nov 2012)

"Martin Angell's own compositions.... proved that great cello music is not limited to the oeuvres of the old masters...jazzy elements....particularly lively....witty not only on the musical side."

(SüdKurier October 2012)

"The opening of the Art Exhibition was musically accompanied by Martin Angell. It was sadly much too brief a pleasure, listening to his virtuoso cello playing."

(Badische Zeitung September 2012)

"The suite of dances entirely captivated the audience."

(Badische Zeitung July 2012)

"Martin Angell is virtually unique - a fine classical cellist...and a rare composer of modern cello music which is truly enjoyable but also has real depth to it. His music is fresh and new, but it has all the structure and complexity of classical compositions."

(Sussex Express January 2009)

"...this varied and entertaining recital...demonstrating the versatility of the instrument and the skill of its master."

(Sussex Express February 2008)

"Martin Angell's pieces are most worth listening to...spiced with powerful rhythms and unusual playing techniques."

(Badische Zeitung 03/06/2008)

"The Englishman...managed to present his repertoire most freshly and informally and hence captivate his audience with utter pleasure. The actual discovery of the concert was clearly Martin Angell the composer."

(Südkurier 30/12/2008)

"Martin Angell...surprised the audience with his own compositions. With joyful astonishment the audience learned from his musical and 'concertante' performance that from a single cello, without any accompaniment, wonderful music can be produced."

(Südkurier 09/07/2007)

Martin Angell...impressed with a masterly performance on the cello, especially in his own compositions"

(Badische Zeitung July 2007)

"Martin Angell presented...the widest range of pieces and composers and managed to fire the audience's enthusiasm right from the start"

(Badische Zeitung 14/12/2006)

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