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To tempt you we have included some FREE downloads of complete pieces - for solo cello, two cello and multiple cello!

"A walk in winter woods (with woodpecker)" for solo cello. Download pdf

"Good for you" - cello duet. Download pdf

"Progressive canon" for multiple cellos. Download pdf

Available to buy (with sample parts of pieces here to try as free downloads)

For Solo Cello

"Ibach Suite No. 1".
Download: 1st movement 'Pink Blues (15/31 bars)
Buy: the complete 3 movement suite for £7.00 + p&p

"Five Pieces" (Moon, Rhythmus, Romance & Allegro, I-Bach Prelude, Sarabande)
Download: 'Moon' (31/138 bars)
Download: 'Rhythmus' (31/113 bars)
Buy: the complete 'Five Pieces' for £8.00 + p&p

Download: 'Herbstgesang' (18/46 bars)
Buy: the complete 'Herbstgesang' for £4.00 + p&p

"Go it alone"
Download: 'Go it alone' (29/116 bars)
Buy: the complete 'Go it alone' for £4.00 + p&p

Cello Duet

"The Duke of York's New Short Troop" by William Ebrington arr. Martin Angell.
Download:'The Duke of York' (17/48 bars)
Buy: 2 duet parts for £3.00 + p&p

"Duet Suite"
Download: a sample of each movement 'Duet Suite' (20/138 + 41/74 + 24/70 bars)
Buy: 2 duet parts for all 3 movements £6.00 + p&p

Cello Trio

"Less Long Ago"
Download: 'Less Long Ago' (10/21 bars)
Buy: 3 parts for £4.00 + p&p

Student String Orchestra

"Meadow Suite"
Download: 'Meadow Suite' first page of each movement
Buy: the complete score and as many individual parts as you need. Score £20.00. Individual parts £1.20 each + p&p
You can choose the number of parts you need in the Paypal shopping cart.

Score & Parts

Please play fair, stay legal, and buy extra parts if you need them.

Please place your order by email or phone. You can pay by email & cheque (made payable to Martin Angell) or buy through the website and Paypal. In the UK this will be handled by Martin's agent - Designsweet. Your completed order will be mailed to you from the UK.

If you wish you can buy downloadable pdfs, please contact Martin for further details.

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